How to Pass Jamb in one sitting



How to Pass Jamb in one sitting

If you came across this article on Google, you are on the right page because we would give you details on how to pass Jamb under one Sitting.

Alot of students have been applying for Jamb and have had great success stories on how the passed while others had a very bad  story.

If you are among the ones that keeps trying to pass Jamb for ages now or you are about to apply for Jamb for the first time and don’t want to be left out.

You have hope and would pass your  Jamb under one sitting. If you adhere to instructions and read this guide carefully, the sky won’t be your limit.

So you’re expected to stay calm as we bring the 5 steps that has worked for me personally and as well as many students out there.

Every one of this step is Vital and you should consider it important.

5 STEPS to Pass Jamb

  1. Draw your Timetable: The very first step in passing your Jamb is for you to be able to draw your timetable. A timetable consist of your subjects which you will write in Jamb. When drafting any time table, first the importance of each subjects must be into consideration, ie to say the most important or vital subjects should be allocated with additional time. The Timetable would guide you on how to be self discipline and devoted to reading in order to pass your Jamb.
  2. Concentrate while studying:  Another step inorder to pass your Jamb is by concentrating while reading. Try not to get distracted or diverted by anything atall. If you apply this steps you’ll have higher chances of passing your Jamb under one sitting.
  3.  Practice Past Questions: The importance of Past Questions can not be overemphasized. As a student, you’re advised to get Jamb  Past questions online or from past student who sat for Jamb in the previous years. Get acquainted with those past questions because Jamb usually repeat questions from the previous years.
  4. Know your best reading method: As a student, you should know what’s best for you while reading. There are different types of reading methods. Some students prefer to read at nights while some ithers prefer to read in the morning or afternoon, while others to blend with the former. Any of your choice, realize the one that best suits you.
  5. Form a study group: As a student, it is important to form a study group to help you in your studies. Find study group friends that are  likeminded amd focus on their study.

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